“The greatest watchmaker of the last 250 years”


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Welcome to this website, which is devoted to the life and works of the great Dr. George Daniels and its future.

Dr. George Daniels, CBE, DSc, FBHI, FSA (19 August 1926 – 21 October 2011) is considered by many to have been the finest horologist in the world during his lifetime and indeed, the last 250 years.

Dr. Daniels was perhaps most famous for inventing the Co-axial Escapement, which revolutionised mechanical watchmaking. This has been used by Omega in their highest-grade watches since 1999. George Daniels was one of the few modern watchmakers who could create a complete watch by hand, including the movement, case and dial. To achieve this, he had to master the thirty-two individual disciplines which are required to make a watch.

During his career, George Daniels completed 27 watches, (not including prototypes). Throughout his career he applied himself relentlessly to the major task of redesigning the mechanical watch escapement to compete and, in the long term, outperform, the quartz watch which had threatened its future.


The Watches

The Space Traveller

If a man is defined by his work, Dr. George Daniels is defined by his watches and their unique legacy for the world of horology…

Here is a small selection of profiles and images which represent George Daniels’ sixty year artistry as a horological designer and inventor. Click through to the gallery to see descriptions and technical specifications.

George Daniels’ first horological exercise was a Marine Chronometer which he made in 1953. He went onto make many famous pocket and wrist watches which included tourbillons, both one and four minutes, chronographs, equations and repeaters – and his masterpiece, The Space Traveller.


Books and Publications


The highly anticipated biography of George Daniels, written by acclaimed author, Micheal Clerizo is now available. We have a selection of other books about, and by, Dr. Daniels.


The Anniversary Watch


Produced by Roger W. Smith Ltd, and cased, dialled and finished to Daniels exacting standards and style, the Co-axial Anniversary watch is the final defining statement in British horology by Dr. George Daniels.


The Educational Trust


The George Daniels Educational Trust has been set up to encourage and financially assist apprentices and students, with grants and bursaries for training in all aspects of horology.