Four-Minute Tourbillon Wristwatch

Gilt brass movement with two going-barrels engaging on a common offset centre-pinion, 60 hour duration, Daniels slim Co-Axial escapement mounted in a steel four-minute tourbillon carriage under a polished steel bridge. Mono -metallic beryllium-copper two-arm balance with gold adjusting weights, free-sprung over-coil balance spring, differential screw mechanism for reserve of winding indication, Daniels unique compact chronograph mechanism with minute recording.

Silver engine-turned dial with eccentric chapter ring, Roman numerals, two large interlaced subsidiary dials for constant seconds and chronograph seconds combined with 30 minute recording. Fan-form sector for power reserve indication, gold Daniels hands, case with glazed back, chronograph buttons in the band, dial signed.

Books and Publications


The highly anticipated biography of George Daniels, written by acclaimed author, Micheal Clerizo is now available. We have a selection of other books about, and by, Dr. Daniels.


The Anniversary Watch


Produced by Roger W. Smith Ltd, and cased, dialled and finished to Daniels exacting standards and style, the Co-axial Anniversary watch is the final defining statement in British horology by Dr. George Daniels.


The Educational Trust


The George Daniels Educational Trust has been set up to encourage and financially assist apprentices and students, with grants and bursaries for training in all aspects of horology.